Thursday, January 24, 2008

Email exchange with Anon

I wrote asking Anon to expand on his/her statement - Less Dennis more dogme. This is what (s)he wrote:

Let's go back to the first blog entry:

"In the first week *I got them* counting, days of the week, months of the
year etc. and saying after me and then delivering the lines of a simple
monologue and a short dialogue for them to repeat as they drove home"

It was my gloss of that entry that led me to believe you were not letting
the people in the room direct the lessons, and that the language was not
emerging but being derived by one Dennis Newson. I think I could find
other examples if I had time to search. What do you think?

I replied:

How the !!!! can language emerge from a learner who does not know a single word of English?
"Emerge" in such a context sounds insider jargon. I found out what Nina wants - they are really Nina's lessons but Anton asked to sit in - by talking to her at some length. My professionality and experience come into play into assessing what language might suit her needs.


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