Saturday, November 22, 2008

Nina's 60th. birthday

Invited to Nina's 60th. birthday party. After a few introductory remarks Anton announced that he and Nina were married two days ago!

Nina introduced all guests - about 35 - at some length. Of me she said: "He was a very successful English professor, but not with me". ! She went on to explain that she was absolutely determined to continue lessons with me now that life was settling down a little. Anton told me there had been some very hard times recently.

Most teachers assume that if a private pupil gives up lessons it is because there is something wrong with the lessons. There is a fair chance, in Nina's case as in others, that this was not the case and that the reason lies outside the lesson.

My immediate, spontaneous though is that if/when she does return the "method" must be very much what she wants. It will be up to me to put my convictions to work in the framework of her expressed wishes.

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